Operations management solutions that redefine financial services
Our suite of cloud-native Back Office solutions incorporates all business operations needs for any small and medium-sized financial services enterprise.
Streamline business processes
Increase automation
Reduce costs

Cloud Back Office

Our service is designed to empower wealth managers, asset services providers, funds, and other financial services companies with next generation technology to digitilise accounting and back-office workflows – allowing your business to rapidly improve processes, increase automation and reduce costs.


Operations engine

We support end-to-end business operations management, helping your business simplify operations and improve efficiency.
Cloud setup of Investment Management Software for assets bookkeeping
Client portal integration
Order management
Fee billing & revenue management
Post-trade processing

Automated integration with custodian banks and market data feeds
Client reporting 
Regulatory reporting

Fees engine

Our fees engine allows you to automate fees calculation, and streamline front-to-back processes
Fees visualisation for end clients
Fees calculation for bookkeeping purposes

Risk engine

Adopt a methodology to define customer risk profile and process accordingly.

Knowledge and experience questionnaire

Client risk evaluation
Transactions risk estimation