Client Relations
DataGrid helps businesses create a robust client relations management (CRM) framework and process all client requests with ease.
Accelerate sales
Accelerate customer acquisition and simplify relationship management.
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Streamline critical due diligence processes for client identification and KYC/AML workflows.
Improve customer service
Implement digital workflows to process all client requests fast and efficiently.

Our Client Relationship Management products and solutions

DataGrid's Client Relations Management solutions include CRM system integration, KYC/AML management platform, and Client Portal. Our configurable suite of products allows you flexibility to scale and extend your business, meet growing digital experience demands, and enable continuous compliance.
CRM platform

Standardised and repeatable digital processes
We help businesses to integrate, adapt, and customise a trusted third-party CRM system, enabling you to improve your sales process, analyse and respond to clients inquiries, organise and structure client communications, monitor transactions, and save all documentation within one fully secure digital environment.

KYC/AML Platform

Compliance management
Datagrid's KYC/KYB/AML and compliance management platform for financial enterprises, with advanced capabilities to onboard new clients, process complex client cases, and review multi-level ownership structures. Customise your client onboarding with checks from multiple services, all from a single, adaptable, no-code dashboard.

Client Portal

One-point web-based entry for clients
Our client portal is a one-point web-based entry for clients to send any inquiries and instructions, share personal details and documentation in a fully secure cloud-based environment, and monitor and review their holdings.