KYC/AML Platform

Optimise customer due diligence and breeze through compliance checklists.
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Advanced KYC/AML and compliance management

Our KYC/KYB/AML and compliance management platform for financial enterprises offers advanced capabilities to onboard new clients, process complex client cases, and review multi-level ownership structures.
About the solution

What can KYC Platform do for your business
  • Customise your client onboarding with checks from multiple services, all from a single, adaptable, no-code dashboard.
  • Optimise customer due diligence
  • Manage compliance with ease and reduce costs

The full power of our platform

Our solutions lets you orchestrate the controls and assurances you need to meet KYC/AML requirements and align compliance with business strategy and goals:
Single-view dashboard for all teams
ID verification
Ownership structures engine (directors and UBOs review)
AML screening (against global and regional sanctions and watchlists, PEPs data and adverse media)
Ownership structures visualization
Client profile review and monitoring
Actions & alerts
Auditable and trackable changes

Identity monitoring

KYC/AML Platform is integrated with powerful industry-leading tools, such as Onfido Identity Verification and DowJones RiskCenter, to allow identity checks and AML screening against consolidated risk profiles and news, and enabling compliance with international and domestic regulatory requirements.