Data Grid helps firms to grow and expand their operations acting as a strategic partner and business advisor. Ventures outside of well-established areas are not always adequately served by traditional offerings. We cooperate with several companies to analyse risks of your operations and arrangements with data-driven insights. This allows us to see – and take - opportunities in daring logistical and technological ventures which others do not. Once we jointly develop the most efficient execution strategy, Data Grid steps in by acting as principal to the transactions you help to originate. Roles are clear and complimentary; our interests are aligned as we seek to make sure every deal is executed successfully and both customers and suppliers are happy to keep increasing the volumes of business. Whether a company needs to transact internationally or deal in novel kind of assets such as crypto tokens and smart contracts, Data Grid funds their partners’ pre-agreed trading scenarios in a much safer, competitive and flexible way, adding significant working capital advantages for the whole value chain in the process. Our partners rest assured we share the same risks in all proceedings, and are therefore genuinely interested in seeing it all to completion. Data Grid does not offer just business consulting. We do not act like a bank nor give financial advice, collecting virtually risk-free fees – we participate. We strongly believe in collaboration to achieve growth. Our access to funding in addition to your operational expertise and deal sourcing is making this happen. Using our expertise in data analysis and emerging and frontier markets we assess our partners' companies to provide insights and give guidance on strategy, planning, and problem solving, help to design or update a business model, see new opportunities, deepen strategic thinking, and achieve your key priorities.