Data Grid Solutions Plc, trading name Data Grid, is a London-based innovative provider of fintech advisory, distributed ledger technology, financial data and funding solutions. A group of entrepreneurs with a background in finance and IT engineering identified a combination of interconnected business opportunities – expertise in emerging markets, supply of information and supply of capital. And the company was born to build services that translate data into highly relevant information for clients, support their decision-making and implementation. We are actively utilizing our knowledge and technological expertise advising clients on the use of digital assets. Data Grid makes data and analytics available and applicable to our clients helping them make informed investment decisions. We then take these decisions to the next stage by providing the capital to finance the solutions that helps our clients to achieve success within their industry. Our mission is to support progress towards the new generation of commerce. Our goal is to see financial technology industry integrated seamlessly into everyday corporate life.

Our address:

Palladium House

1-4 Argyll Street

London, United Kingdom