— Access to daily LIBOR Rates
— Latest and historical Auction Results data for U.S. Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
— Historical rates data by date or date range
— Annual, monthly or weekly average interest rates
— Real-time US treasury rates for one, three, and six-month benchmarks and one, two, three, five, seven, ten, twenty and thirty year benchmarks
— Real-time and historical interest rate swap (IRS) rates for more than 20 currencies.
— Forward rate agreements
— Swap rates and swaptions by individual maturity or as a complete family
— Yield curves data for each rate
— Supported for more than 40 countries and currencies for interbank rates
— Data updated as quickly as available from the source

Geographical coverage:

Data points:
— Rate: Type, date, value, price, spread, change, text, description
— Rate Description: Rate type, description, name, maturity, seasonally adjusted, availability, source, service, suffix, factor, precision
— Treasuries: Type, date, value, price, spread, change, text, description
— Description: Rate Type, Description, Name, Maturity, Seasonally Adjusted, Availability, Source, Service, Suffix, Factor, Precision
— Swaps: Type, date, currency, bid, ask, mid, spread
— Swaptions: First type, second type, date, currency, last open, high, low, close, bid, ask change
— Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs): Type, currency, date, value, text (display value), source, description