Exchange traded
funds (ETFs)

— Extensive coverage of funds from all global regions
— Identifiers: Symbol, MorningstarID, CUSIP, ISIN, Valoren, or SEDOL.
— Data package includes portfolio, performance, and operational data
— Ability to request one or many data points with a single request
— New ETFs are captured as soon as it begins trading

Geographical coverage:

Data points:
— Data points for each holding including type, country, identifiers, share percentage, credit quality, and number of shares.
— Provider and registration company names and addresses, minimum investment information, net assets, investment strategy, inception date, and much more.
— Trailing Performance: monthly and quarterly trailing performances
— Net, long, and short positions for stock, bond, cash, preferred, convertible and other assets
— Equity and bond sector weightings
— Average credit quality of the fund's portfolio
— Credit quality rating percentages, and bond maturity breakdowns by percent